Hi, I’m G.A. Franks, but you can call me Gareth. I’m a new author who has branched out into the young adult/sci-fi genre. I live in Cheltenham in the UK and work in education for my day job. I’m also a musician, and over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have played all over the UK at some amazing venues with some great bands – Who knows, you may even have seen me play at some point!

I released my first book, ‘That Time I had That Killer Virus Thing’, during the 2020 lockdown, shortly after surviving a nasty dose of Covid-19. It was a short, real life account of my close call with the virus and got some great reviews, but I have unpublished it for now, simply because I intend to re-release a longer and more detailed version. In the meantime I have published my first novel, ‘Maelstorm’, book one in the Gideon Rayne series. And yes, it’s supposed to be Maelstorm not Maelstrom! Read the book to find out why. (And maybe at some point I’ll explain how the name came about!)

I began writing Maelstorm over Christmas of 2019, not long before the world changed! I finished it during lockdown as I recovered from the virus that had nearly killed me. My day job doesn’t pay much, like really really not much! So I had to edit the book myself through the post viral fog with help from my wife (hence there may be one or two errors in the early editions, snap em up…they’ll be worth a fortune one day 😉

Maelstorm at its heart is a bit of love story to my beloved childhood cartoons such as M.A.S.K. and Centurions, as well as more modern works such as the excellent Gen:LOCK from Rooster Teeth featuring David Tenant of Dr Who fame. The idea first came to me as I walked home from the pub, I wondered what the world would look like in a hundred years time and my Walter Mitty-like instincts kicked in and I began to fantasise about a team of hi-tech heroes saving the day.

I published the book through ‘Next Chapter Publishing’, who were very helpful and did a far better job than I would’ve had I just quietly slipped it onto Amazon as I had first intended. I was thrilled when the book quickly became the number one bestselling new release in its category.

Why not take the time to pick up a copy and join Gideon and myself on a journey into the scary world that is New Britain in the year 2120!

What People Are Saying about ‘Maelstorm’

“Gripping from front to back.” – Amazon Review.

“Fast paced and difficult to put down.” – Amazon Review.

“A future blockbuster.” – Online comment.

“A gripping read with a fresh look at a dystopian future.” – Good Reads Review.

“Fresh, cinematic and exciting.’ – Amazon Review.

“The end of the world has never been so entertaining,” – Amazon Review.

“Grips you from the start and keeps you wanting more,” – Amazon Review.

‘The last couple of chapters were even more ‘page turner’ than the start…Definitely film material.” – Online Comment.